The Seeds

Evil Hoodoo

cover of Evil Hoodoo

Album notes

Released as Bam Caruso KIRI 082 (LP) (UK) in April 1988
Reissued on picture disc as STRANGEP 1 (UK) through Strange Things in January 1989
Reissued as Drop Out DOCD 1998 (CD) (UK) in July 1991


March Of The Flower Children (Saxon, Hooper)
The Wind Blows Your Hair (Saxon, Bigelow)
Tripmaker (Tybalt, Hooper)
Try To Understand (Saxon)
Evil Hoodoo (Saxon, Hooper)
Chocolate River (Saxon, Hooper)
Pushin' Too Hard (Saxon)
Fallin' Off The Edge (Of My Mind) (Cerf, Fowley)
Mr. Farmer (Saxon)
Up In Her Room (Saxon)
Can't Seem To Make You Mine (Saxon)
Pictures And Designs (Saxon, Hooper)
Flower Lady And Her Assistant (Saxon)
Rollin' Machine (Saxon)
Out Of The Question (Saxon, Serpent)
Satisfy You (Saxon, Savage)

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