The Seeds

A Faded Picture

cover of A Faded Picture

Album notes

Released as Diablo DIAB 834 (CD) (UK) in 1991
Reissued as Drop Out DOCD 1992 (CD) (UK) in November 1991

Compiled by Pete Macklin


A Thousand Shadows (Saxon, Hooper, Savage) 2:33
Where Is The Entrance Way To Play (Saxon) 2:54
Fallin' (Saxon, Hooper) 7:49
Nobody Spoil My Fun (Saxon) 3:52
Daisy Mae (Saxon) 1:58
No Escape (Saxon, Savage, Lawrence) 2:15
Lose Your Mind (Saxon) 2:18
Now A Man (Saxon, Hooper, Savage) 3:23
Just Let Go (Saxon, Hooper, Savage) 4:19
I Tell Myself (Tybalt) 2:30
A Faded Picture (Saxon, Hooper) 5:20
Up In Her Room (Saxon) 14:45

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