The Seeds

Fallin' Off The Edge

cover of Fallin' Off The Edge

Album notes

Released as GNP Crescendo GNPS-2107 (LP) in 1977
Reissued on vinyl & tape by GNP in 1988

Compiled by Neil Norman


The Wind Blows Your Hair (Saxon, Bigelow) 2:30
The Other Place (Saxon) 2:24
She's Wrong (previously unreleased) (Saxon) 2:13
Nobody Spoil My Fun (Saxon) 3:50
Fallin' Off The Edge (Of My Mind) (Cerf, Fowley) 2:54
Pretty Girl (re-mix) (Luther Johnson) 2:03
Tripmaker (Tybalt, Hooper) 2:40
Chocolate River (previously unreleased) (Saxon, Hooper) 3:11
Daisy Mae (Saxon) 1:57
The Wind Blows Your Hair (reprise) (Saxon, Bigelow) 3:09
Pushin' Too Hard (Saxon) 2:35

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