The Seeds

Flower Punk

cover of Flower Punk

Album notes

Released as Demon FBOOK 16 (3CD set) (UK) in 1996

Compiled by Pete Macklin


Can't Seem To Make You Mine (Saxon) 3:01
No Escape (Saxon, Savage, Lawrence) 2:14
Evil Hoodoo (Saxon, Hooper) 5:12
Girl I Want You (Saxon) 2:22
Pushin' Too Hard (Saxon) 2:35
Try To Understand (Saxon) 2:50
Nobody Spoil My Fun (Saxon) 3:52
It's A Hard Life (Saxon) 2:37
You Can't Be Trusted (Saxon) 2:09
Excuse, Excuse (Saxon) 2:18
Fallin' In Love (Saxon) 2:46
Mr. Farmer (Saxon) 2:49
Pictures And Designs (Saxon, Hooper) 2:42
Tripmaker (Tybalt, Hooper) 2:46
I Tell Myself (Tybalt) 2:28
A Faded Picture (Saxon, Hooper) 5:18
Rollin' Machine (Saxon) 2:30
Just Let Go (Saxon, Hooper, Savage) 4:19
Up In Her Room (Saxon) 14:44
Introduction (Saxon)/March Of The Flower Children (Saxon, Hooper) 2:53
Travel With Your Mind (Saxon, Hooper, Savage) 3:11
Out Of The Question (Saxon, Serpent) 2:16
Painted Doll (Saxon) 3:24
Flower Lady And Her Assistant (Saxon) 3:30
Now A Man (Saxon, Hooper, Savage) 3:21
A Thousand Shadows (Saxon, Hooper, Savage) 2:31
Two Fingers Pointing On You (Saxon) 3:14
Where Is The Entrance Way To Play (Saxon) 2:53
Six Dreams (Saxon) 3:13
Fallin' (Saxon, Hooper) 7:46
Pretty Girl (Luther Johnson) 2:03
Moth And The Flame (Saxon) 3:49
I'll Help You (Carry Your Money To The Bank) (Saxon) 3:30
Cry Wolf (Saxon) 6:05
Plain Spoken (Muddy Waters) 2:53
The Gardener (Saxon) 4:58
One More Time Blues (Luther Johnson) 2:26
Creepin' About (Saxon) 2:45
Buzzin' Around (Saxon) 3:44
Introduction by 'Humble' Harv/Mr. Farmer (Saxon) 4:08
No Escape (Saxon, Savage, Lawrence) 2:29
Satisfy You (Saxon, Savage) 2:07
Night Time Girl (The Seeds) 2:32
Up In Her Room (Saxon) 9:53
Gypsy Plays His Drums (Saxon, Hooper) 4:34
Can't Seem To Make You Mine (Saxon) 2:35
Mumble And Bumble (Saxon) 2:30
Forest Outside Your Door (Saxon, Hooper) 2:43
900 Million People Daily All Making Love (The Seeds) 4:57
Pushin' Too Hard (Saxon) 3:00
The Wind Blows Your Hair (Saxon, Bigelow) 2:30
The Other Place (Saxon) 2:24
She's Wrong (Saxon) 2:13
Fallin' Off The Edge (Of My Mind) (Cerf, Fowley) 2:54
Chocolate River (Saxon, Hooper) 3:11
Daisy Mae (Saxon) 1:57
The Wind Blows Your Hair (reprise) (Saxon, Bigelow) 3:09
Satisfy You (Saxon, Savage) 2:04
Wild Blood (Fowley, Cerf) 2:23
Sad And Alone (Saxon, Hooper) 2:49
Lose Your Mind (Saxon) 2:18
A Thousand Shadows (re-mix) (Saxon, Hooper, Savage) 2:30

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