The Seeds


cover of Future

Album notes

Released as GNP Crescendo GNP-2038 (mono)/GNPS-2038 (stereo) (LP) with three inserts & Vocalion VAN 8070 (mono)/SVAN 8070 (stereo) (LP) (UK) in August 1967
Also released as Som Maior SM-1550 (LP) (Bra) in 1968
Reissued as Music Box SMB140 (LP) (Gre) in 1983
Reissued on vinyl & tape by GNP in 1988
Reissued on CD as Impact IMCD-9.00173 (Ger) in September 1991
Reissued on CD as GNP KICP-2166 (Jap)

Produced by Marcus Tybalt for Brompton Productions
Engineer: Doc Siegel at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood
Album picture idea & cover design: Sky Saxon
Arranged & conducted by Saxon & Hooper


Sky Saxon: lead vocal & bass
Daryl Hooper: piano, organ, sitar & vocals
Jan Savage: guitar, gong & vocals
Rick Andridge: drums
Harvey Sharpe: bass
Tjay Cantrelli: woodwinds
Catharine Gotthoffer: harp


Introduction (Saxon) 1:03
March Of The Flower Children (Saxon, Hooper) 1:45
Travel With Your Mind (Saxon, Hooper, Savage) 3:00
Out Of The Question (Saxon, Serpent) 3:02
Painted Doll (Saxon) 3:20
Flower Lady And Her Assistant (Saxon) 3:15
Now A Man (Saxon, Hooper, Savage) 3:20
A Thousand Shadows (Saxon, Hooper, Savage) 2:25
Two Fingers Pointing On You (Saxon) 3:10
Where Is The Entrance Way To Play (Saxon) 2:55
Six Dreams (Saxon) 3:05
Fallin' (Saxon, Hooper) 7:40

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