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Heavenly Earth (Live At The Orpheum Theatre)

cover of Heavenly Earth

Album notes

Released as Sunbow SR-001 (LP) in 1977
Issued on blue vinyl

Recorded at the Orpheum Theatre in Hollywood, Sept. 9th 1977


Sky (Sunlight) Saxon: lead vocals & tambourine
Rainbow Neal: rhythm & lead guitar
Brian Eye-Zen: electric piano
Ed Cassidy: drums


Sunlight's Introduction (Sunlight, Rainbow) 1:05
Spirit Of America (Sunlight, Rainbow) 7:15
God Rap (Sunlight, Rainbow) 1:20
Can't Seem To Make You Mine (Saxon) 3:05
Paradise Power (Sunlight, Rainbow) 2:30
Pushin' Too Fast (Sunlight, Rainbow) 3:05
Nobody Spoil My Fun (Sunlight, Rainbow) 3:25
Wake Up (Sunlight, Rainbow) 5:10
Star Jewels (Sunlight, Rainbow) 7:30

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