Sky Saxon

New Fruit From Old Seeds - The Rare Sky Saxon Volume One

cover of New Fruit From Old Seeds

Album notes

Released as AIP 10009 LP in 1983


Go Ahead And Cry (Marsh, Wayne, Nuckles)
They Say (Marsh, Vegas)
They Say (Early version) (Marsh, Vegas)
Darling, I Swear That It's True (Marsh, Paxton)
Do The Swim (Marsh, Johnson)
Trouble With My Baby (Marsh, Gray, Van Winkle)
A Thousand Shadows (Live, Joey Bishop Show) (Saxon, Hooper, Savage)
Bad Part Of Town (Saxon, Starr)
Love In A Summer Basket (Seeds)
Did He Die (Saxon)
Wish Me Up (Saxon)
Shuckin' And Jivin' (Seeds)
You Took Me By Surprise (Seeds)

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