The Seeds

Raw & Alive In Concert At Merlin's Music Box

cover of Raw and Alive in Concert at Merlin's Music Box

Album notes

Released as GNP Crescendo GNP-2043 (mono) & GNPS-2043 (stereo) (LP) in 1968
Reissued on vinyl & tape by GNP in 1988
Reissued on CD as Drop Out DOCD 1990 (UK) added to The Fire Escape's Psychotic Reaction

Recorded live at Merlin's Music Box in Orange County (US)
Engineered by Chuck Britz & Joe Sidore
Produced for Future Productions
Arranged by Saxon & Hooper


Sky Saxon: lead vocal & bass
Daryl Hooper: keyboards & vocals
Jan Savage: guitar & vocals
Rick Andridge: drums


Introduction by 'Humble' Harv/Mr. Farmer (Saxon) 4:07
No Escape (Saxon, Savage, Lawrence) 2:30
Satisfy You (Saxon, Savage) 2:07
Night Time Girl (The Seeds) 2:32
Up In Her Room (Saxon) 9:56
Gypsy Plays His Drums (Saxon, Hooper) 4:42
Can't Seem To Make You Mine (Saxon) 2:35
Mumble And Bumble (Saxon) 2:30
Forest Outside Your Door (Saxon, Hooper) 2:43
900 Million People Daily All Making Love (The Seeds) 4:57
Pushin' Too Hard (Saxon) 2:59

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