Fast Planet

Rockin' The Croc/West Coast

cover of Rockin' The Croc/West Coast

Album notes

Released through Fast Planet Records (Tape) in 1995

Recorded live at the Crocodile, Seattle


Sky Sunlight Saxon: vocals, percussion
Sam Andrew: guitar, vocals
George Michalski: keyboards
Michael Oak: bass, vocals
Chris DeMorsella: guitar
Patrick McCarthy: drums
Tommy Goodwin: drums, sax, slide guitar


Hijack (Plumber, Saxon)
Up In Her Room (Saxon)
Mr. Farmer (Saxon, Hooper)
Don't Slander Me (Erickson)
Pushin' Too Hard (Saxon)
No Escape (Saxon, Savage, Lawrence)
Locust (Fast Planet)
Can't Seem To Make You Mine (Saxon)
Down The Nile (DeMorsella, Saxon, Oak)
Crying Heartbreak (Goodwin, Saxon)

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