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The Seeds

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Album notes

Released as GNP Crescendo GNP-2023 (mono) & GNPS-2023 (stereo) (LP) in April 1966; on stereo record Pushin' Too Hard is rechanneled
Reissued as Legendary Masters Sonet SNTF 746 (LP) (UK) in 1977
Reissued as Music Box SMB 131 (LP) (Gre) in 1982
Reissued as Line LLP 5021 (LP) (Ger) in February 1984
Reissued on vinyl & tape by GNP in 1988
Reissued on CD as Impact IMCD-9.00167 (Ger) in September 1989
Reissued on CD as GNP KICP-2164 (Jap)
Reissued on CD as GNP GNPD-2023 without the track Lose Your Mind added to A Web Of Sound

Produced by Marcus Tybalt & Sky Saxon
Recorded at Western, United & Universal Associated
Engineers: Chuck Britz, Lanky Linstrot & Mike Durrough
Arranged by The Seeds
Try To Understand arranged by Vinnie Fanelli & The Seeds


Sky Saxon: lead vocal, bass & harmonica
Daryl Hooper: piano & organ melodica
Jan Savage: guitars, lead rhythm & twelve string
Rick Andridge: drums


Can't Seem To Make You Mine (Saxon) 2:56
No Escape (Saxon, Savage, Lawrence) 2:08
Lose Your Mind (Saxon) 2:11
Evil Hoodoo (Saxon, Hooper) 5:00
Girl I Want You (Saxon) 2:15
Pushin' Too Hard (Saxon) 3:03
Try To Understand (Saxon) 2:45
Nobody Spoil My Fun (Saxon) 3:50
It's A Hard Life (Saxon) 2:38
You Can't Be Trusted (Saxon) 2:05
Excuse, Excuse (Saxon) 2:20
Fallin' In Love (Saxon) 2:47

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