Sky Sunlight Saxon

Golden Vaults Volume 1 - Timeless

cover of Golden Vaults Volume 1 - Timeless

Album notes

Released through Radio V Records (CD) in 2001

Producer: Marcus Tybalt
Cover photo: Holly Flynn
Cover design, music compilation & remastering: Mohiini, Angel Studios


Firewall: Red Stone Romance (Saxon, Bonfire, Beeson) 3:59
New Seeds: Tail Spin (Saxon, Starr) 2:30
Seeds-The Hour: The One I Adore (Saxon) 3:08
The Hour: Throw Some Rice (Saxon, Muscleman) 2:09
Fast Planet: Women Lost In Love (Saxon, Oakland) 2:55
The Lemurians: Dinosaurs (Schlofsky) 5:01
Seeds: We The People (Saxon, Oakland) 3:43
The Seeds: Let Her Sting (Saxon, Hooper) 2:21
Sky Saxon & Arthur Lee: Somebody's Watching You (Saxon, Lee) 5:42
SSS & The Chesterfield Kings: Grow The Flowers (Saxon, Dapello Marsh, Chesterfield Kings) 3:14
Fast Planet: Welcome To The World Of Dreams (Love, Saxon) 5:12
Dragonslayers: Wild Roses (Saxon, Stern) 5:02
Seeds: Wishing Well (Saxon, Oakland) 4:25
Ballroom Lady (Dapello Marsh) 1:48
Carry On (Saxon, Dapello Marsh) 3:02
The Seeds: Wish Me Up (Saxon, Hooper) 3:12
The Seeds: Summer Basket (Saxon, Hooper) 3:28
Invisible: Incense Bangles & Beads (Saxon) 5:08
Morning Prayer (Sunlight, Aquarian) 1:10

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