Ya Ho Wa 13 Discography

as Father Yod & The Spirit Of '76

1973 Kohoutek (Higher Key 3301)
1974 Contraction (Higher Key 3302) reissued in 1987*
1974 Expansion (Higher Key 3303) reissued in 1987*
1974 All Or Nothing At All (Higher Key 3305)

as Ya Ho Wa 13

1974 Ya Ho Wa 13 (Higher Key 3305)
1974 Savage Sons Of Ya Ho Wa (Higher Key 3306) reissued in 1987*
1974 Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony (Higher Key 3307) reissued on CD
1974 I'm Gonna Take You Home (Higher Key 3309) reissued in 1987* & on CD later
1974/75 To The Principles For The Children (Higher Key 3310) reissued in 1987*

as Yodship

(undated) Yodship

as Fire, Water, Air

1977 Golden Sunrise (Emerald Light ELR-84510) (8-track tape)**

as Ya Ho Wa 13

1998 God And Hair: Yahowa Collection (Captain Trip CT130/142) (Jap)***

*reissue: limited edition of 450
**reissued on LP as Psycho 2 (UK) (limited coloured edition of 300) credited to Ya Ho Wa in 1982 & on CD later
***13CD box set (limited numbered edition of 3000) which compiles all the albums above plus six 7inch tracks, related singles & unreleased materials

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