10B enriched BSH molecule, NMR and BNCT

10B isotope of boron within BSH molecule is used in BNCT therapy ( news ). We investigate its NMR properties.

In nuclear magnetic resonance applied to 10B difficulties arises from the quadrupolar nature of boron 10 isotope and from its low NMR sensibility. We have developed a promising double resonance techinque on boron 10 and idrogen nucleus, present in BSH molecules. It could allow magnetic resonance tomography on 10B enriched BSH molecule and could then improve BNCT, an hopeful cancer therapy.

In this site you will find informations about 10B isotope NMR properties, about BSH molecula and about BNCT therapy. You will also find an essential bibliography on these arguments an update description of our work and a lot of useful links to other sites concerning NMR, BSH and BNCT items ( universities, clinical informations, chemical societies, etc).

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Last updated: October 31, 1999