Dale, Mri Phuri daj

(ringraziamo Jesse Lynch per il materiale fornito)

Dale, mri phuri daj,                           Mother, my old mother,
So Dzanav te keren, hej                    What do I know to do? (What can I do?)
Bo man o del marča,                         Because God has punished me,
Bo la da na šund'om.                        Because I didn't listen to my mother.

Odi mri romnori                                That wife of mine
Bari lubni hin                                     is a great whore
Man pro lav likerel,                            She only talks to me
avreha pes kamel.                              And wants herself with others (embraces others)

Davke, mri phuri daj,                         Mother, my old mother
S-oda manca kerd'al?                        What have you done with me?
Ajsa romna il'om,                              I've married a woman
Kaj lubipen kerel.                              who whores around.  (does prostitution)

Ma pi, dale pani,                                Don't drink water, Mother
Bo pani na lacho,                               Because water is not good,
A sar les pijeha                                  And if you ("will") drink it
Mandar bistereha!                              You will forget me!

Esas man pirani,                                 I had a lover once,
Šukar chaj romani,                             A beautiful Romany girl,
Na cikni, na bari,                               Neither too big nor too small
Carav tre vuštora                               I kiss you on the mouth

Note Grammaticali