Informazioni sulla Nuova Zelanda
(Fonte: CIA -- The World Factbook 1999)
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Reserve Bank of New Zealand

New Zealand Parliament

New Zealand Government Executive
Cabinet information, press releases, policy statements and more.

New Zealand Government Online
NZGO is the Official Gateway to New Zealand Government. This website provides an overview of New Zealand and its government, access to government services information, as well as government agency contact details.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Ministry of Commerce
Provides government with advice on a wide range of matters to do with commercial activity in New Zealand, and is responsible for administering various associated legislation.

Ministry of Research, Science and Technology
Guide to the New Zealand science system.

Department of Labour

Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry


New Zealand Stock Exchange

Indirizzi utili

New Zealand Business
UBD is the most accurate and comprehensive source of information on New Zealand companies and Wises, the mapping products Kiwis trust.


New Zealand Business Roundtable
Contributes to the development of sound public policies that reflect overall New Zealand interests.


New Zealand Chambers of Commerce
Offers information about the chambers of Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago.

Trade New Zealand
Fosters the development and expansion of Foreign Exchange earnings by identifying overseas opportunities and developing export culture in New Zealand.


JobNet NZ
Dedicated to posting employment opportunities for New Zealanders - Over 200 jobs listed across all professions.

Sheffield Consulting Group
Offers a selection of career opportunities across a number of different functional areas.


Statistics New Zealand

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