Sunlight Sky Saxon & The Dragonslayers

Breakin' Through The Doors

cover of Breakin' Through The Doors

Album notes

Released as Elephant SKY 01 (CD) (Fr) in 1990

Front cover photo: Martina Kudlaceck
Label design: Cliff Mott
Sleeve design: Sunlight Sky Saxon, Quélou, PB., Sonyone Grafik Group
All selections composed by Sunlight Sky Saxon except Born To Be Wild by Mars Bonfire & Don't Slander Me by Roky Erickson


Sunlight Sky Saxon: lead vocal
Mars Bonfire: organ, piano
Magician Atomic: lead guitar
Gary: bass
Paul: drums


Stay Away Trip Maker/Orange, Green & White Powders (3:23)
Born To Be Wild/I Want To Love You (3:52)
Don't Push Your Wars On Me (4:23)
Mr. Farmer 1990 (3:42)
Up In Her Room (3:57)
Pictures & Designs/I Need Your Love Tonite/Ignite Your Fire (2:54)
Don't Slander Me/Right Down The Nile (4:00)
Love Dog Always (2:54)
No Escape/In The Burning Cities (3:01)
To Make You Mine/King Charming Life With You (2:58)

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